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I need to do a graphics about a human value (whichever) in c # .. without inserting images ... everything must be drawn by code.
You must use DrawEllipse ... etc. ..

Someone could help me, please ????? I have no idea how to start !!!!!

any solution respond to this email
Updated 6-Jan-12 8:47am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Jan-12 12:41pm    
First, it depends on the type of application and UI you did not tag: WPF, Forms, what?
Not clear what's the problem? Well, draw your ellipse, etc...

1 solution

use Graphic class in draw/ing namespace
then pass your form/panel.... instance to it

Graphic g= Form1.CreateGraphic(); //(or some thing like this..)

then u can call g and put dot ('.') after it and all function of drawing will appear .

you can crate pen from brushes and bruses from color ...(i'm not sure, you can see if you read tool tips)
Brush b = new SolidBrush(Color.Red);

Pen p = new Pen(brush 1);

and last thing...
if you need to keep data, and dpont let them destroy, first generate a buffer...
Bitmap bmp=new Bitmap();
now instead of the thing i tol you above use:
Graphics g= Graphics.FromImage(bmp); //(i'm not sure... it's some thing like this)

//Draw codes

in this form, you buffer data in Image style variable, and then pass this variable as an image to your image property of image Box...
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mr_305_df 6-Jan-12 13:50pm
I need to make that image ... but in all forms drawing code., ..

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