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Dear all:

I want to create a system for posting posts and people may give their comments on that post.

But i want the functionality to be like facebook, as facebook provide the functionality just like extending of the post box and comments box, deleting post etc and all that i want to implement any help.
The platform i want to use is web forms or mvc 3.

fjdiewornncalwe 7-Jan-12 13:17pm
Sounds like an ambitious plan. Go ahead an try doing it. When you run into a real programming question, please feel free to ask that here and you'll get some great answers.

1 solution

The question you're asking requires extensive work on the backend database. This is something that cannot be answered in a few forum posts. It would require writing a small book to convey all of the the concepts and details on how to do it.

If you have more specific questions, we can try to answer those, but right now, it doesn't sound like you have a good grasp of database technologies and techniques to design such an application.
Zia Ullah Khan 8-Jan-12 8:17am
i don't want to create the full facebook applicaton. i just want to create the post and status updating module
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-12 10:09am
The answer doesn't change. It's what I was referring to, not the entirety of Facebook.
Zia Ullah Khan 8-Jan-12 10:15am
i got the solution, i'm doing this all in one update panel,
doing insertion into db and displaying the comments against that post on single event fired on a button/linkbutton.what you say about this?
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-12 11:01am
Good for you. You've apparently implemented one small part of your original post, but whether its done correctly remains to be seen. Does the solution lend itself to answering the remaining parts of your question? Only time will tell.

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