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At my work I was assigned to write a big program with WPF. The program will include a lot of elements/Components: a timeline which has the ability to change its resolution (-+) , To-Do list like table and more.

Everything should be "skinned" and with "bells and whistles". (I need to make everything from scratch – I am the programmer, designer and system architect).

My question is* where and how* to begin developing such application as it should be developed? What special patterns exist? Where to start? The main window? What materials you suggest (any particular books, training programs?)

Of course all in a fast learning curve (more or less :))

I know this question is very large, and little hard to answer it on full, but I just need a direction, there are a lot of materials out there, and I just need a little push the rest i can deal my self.

Regards (and sorry for my bad English),
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Slacker007 10-Jan-12 6:42am    
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If you are saying that you are not an experienced WPF programmer then you have quite a lot of work to do to get started. I would suggest looking at WPF: A Beginner's Guide - Part 1 of n[^] and the rest of the series by Sacha Barber, and A Guided Tour of WPF – Part 1 (XAML)[^] and the rest by Josh Smith. Apart from the articles themselves there are a few good references to other materials and patterns that will help you.
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Think your application in layers: presentation (user interface), business logic, services and data storage. Search for application design articles like this: Application Design Guidelines[^]
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Catalin Serafimescu 11-Jan-12 13:44pm    
I can help you with system and application design if you want. I'm very bored..
Member 3812439 14-Jan-12 11:53am    
Thank you, I just need a direction if you could, where to begin?
In Blend, Just VS?
Catalin Serafimescu 14-Jan-12 12:01pm    
First read about application design - MVVM, Domain Driven Design. Otherwise you are going to mix data with presentation and business logic and the maintenance/development cost will blow in the sky.
Then start with simple WPF - Visual Studio is enough. If you separate correctly the presentation layer (GUI), then you can skin it nicely with Blend. Otherwise you are going to spend lot of time in learning Blend and fixing GUI problems instead of focusing on application logic.

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