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# evenList = ['GAAGCTCG', 'AAATTT', 'CTCTAGGAC']

def matchList(evenList, oddList, integ):
    indexElement = 0
    indexList = 0
    totalIndexSeq = []
    acceptableList = ['AT', 'TA', 'at', 'ta', 'GC', 'CG', 'gc', 'cg']

    for x in evenList:
        indexedSeq = ''

        for y in x:
            if y + oddList[indexList][indexElement] in acceptableList:
                indexedSeq += str(indexElement)
                indexedSeq += "+"
            indexElement += 1

        indexList += 1
        indexElement -= indexElement
    return totalIndexSeq
# This is what is returned:
# ['0+234+6+']
# ['0+234+6+', '++++++']
# ['0+234+6+', '++++++', '012++5678']

What I have tried:

I'm new to coding and just now learning recursion. Any tips and/or advice would be appreciated.
Updated 20-Apr-19 16:58pm
Richard MacCutchan 21-Apr-19 4:55am    
Same comment as in your other question. Recursion is not a universal solution to every problem.

1 solution

I'm new to coding and just now learning recursion.

First of all, you need to learn what is recursive, how to recognize a recursive problem/algorithm. When a problem os not recursive by nature, it is a no go.
"Recursion occurs when a thing is defined in terms of itself or of its type."
Recursion - Wikipedia[^]
How do I perform this function recursively?

Not all problems are defined in terms of recursive, and I don't see anything recursive in this code.
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