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I would like to MONITOR an HTML control (HtmlElement) inside a WebBrowserControl.
I would like to add EVENTS to the control in order to be notified whenever any EVENT got call(fire) on that control.
To simplify my needs here are 3 questions assuming the following single line of code:
var FirstDIV = webIE.Document.Body.GetElementsByTagName( "div" ).FirstChild();

1. How can I know WHAT events are listening (or attached) to FirstDIV?

2. How can I ADD an event(AttachEventHandler) to the TOP of the EVENT LIST in order to be called/notified BEFORE the current FirstDIV event handler? I will use that as a DEBUG just to know that the CONTROL receives/fires an envent.

3. Can I use reflection(C#) to ADD MY.LISTENING.EVENTS to the control current events so I can check whenever any EVENT is call(fire)?


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