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I have 2 computers. Both with w7 as os. I have installed wampserver on one of them. I have mysql database on wampserver. Then I have made a program to connect to mysql database. I have put the program on both computers. What I want to do is for those two programs to see the same database that is on one computer. For them to be able to add, delete, update that 1 database. How do I do that? How do I network the mysql database? Do I also have to install wampserver on the other computer? What do I do? Please enlighten me.

edit: -my question is connected to this link:

the only difference is its not a website. Its a winform made through visual studio . Do I need to turn off the firewall where wampserver is installed so that I could access it?<small></small>
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Jan-12 20:23pm    
Why would you access database from both computers? You can do it but why? What is the role of both? Which one should act as a service, what kind and why. Which one should run HTTP server? Which computer and process should act as a client of one of more services?

If you are able to answer this questions by yourself, you will be able to understand the problem better. If you are able to understand the problem better, you will be able to explain it properly. When and if you are ready, use "improve question" above.

Thank you.

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Mysql is a server itself, and listens on it's own port. The apache part of wamp is not entirely important here, because you are not using HTTP to connect to it. The mysql website has instructions for installing on windows, as well as a .net connector that is very useful.

I assume that you have the mysql database on one computer, and the program on both.

Both applications should use the host computers ip address to connect.

Turning off the firewall is probably not the best approach. You need to make sure the port is open on the host computer so that it can recieve the connections to the mysql server. Change the bind address in the mysql configuration to listen on the ip address, not localhost.
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Mykeo 11-Oct-13 15:16pm    
I have same issue and i changed the bind-address in my_ini file(wampserver), it still didn't work. is it because i'm using vb6.0 or what? It works when i use localhost on the laptop where server is installed. Pls, i need your help.

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