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I needed to create a dropdown list in with records fetched from database. The records are 'Author Names' from 'Author' table that i created. Some records were enabled and others disabled. So, after searching for hours on net i achieved this using jquery and creating a checked dropdown list and using repeater to show records(enabled and disabled).

Now, i need to display information about those disabled options (Author Name) in a popup window if a user moves his mouse over it. The information to be displayed being the names of Books he has written from the table 'Book' in my database.

I cannot find any solution to this problem. Please help.

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1) the records that are shown in dropdownlist, on some condition you are making it as enabled/disable???
2) Instead of showing the books name in popup window u can use title :
You can get the book details also in the same dataset(ddlList) & then
foreach (ListItem item in ddlList.Items)
               item.Attributes.Add("title", item["BookName"].Text);
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Arfat Ahmad 16-Jan-12 2:53am    
I am using a field called 'flag' in my 'Author' table. 0 for enabled and 1 for disabled and using where clause in my query that i have written in my class file.
anushripatil 16-Jan-12 3:31am    
Ok. You can use the solution(2 point mentioned in my earlier post)
Arfat Ahmad 16-Jan-12 8:18am    
i have not used dataset. i have used data adapter to fill my data table and repeater for data binding.
Using Jquery for achieve this,
Step 1: Read the dropdown options
Step 2: assign the css class for the disabled options
Step 3: read the disabled css class text
and finish with dialog option in jquery you can display those options.
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