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I have been using the NotifyIcon with one of my app for some time. I have made no changes to any of it's events or usage, but I see the icon getting added to the tray every minute , but not always the same time frame. When I hover the mouse over the new icon they simply disappear - very annoying and unprofessional look. Any ideas?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Jan-12 18:58pm    
No! There are millions of ways to screw up things -- how can we know which one happened to you?

Well, I can think of two things that would do this off the top of my head.

1) Your app puts up a tray icon, but then ends up crashing silently and relaunching somehow, creating another icon. I hope you're not doing this from a Windows Service app...

2) Your code is executing the code that instantiates the tray icon every so often and not properly disposing of the previous icon instance.
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Idle_Force 18-Jan-12 0:43am    
1) crashing silently???,
2) the only code that reference the NotifyIcon is in the closing event.

No this is not a service, just a windows form app. I have not changed any code with it, just noticed this weird behavior. Just wondering if there is a form event that maybe interfering with it somehow. There is a timer, but the frequency does not match it and there is no code messing with it here.
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Jan-12 8:03am    
1) Windows Services can crash very silently and you won't notice unless you look in the event log. They can also be setup to auto-restart in the event of a failure.

2) There are no form events that can interfere with the tray icon unless you write code to do so.

3) Try it on a bare bones install, but fully patched, of the O/S that it's doing this on. If it happens there, you may have a patch issue, though I've never heard of anything like this happening with any app.
Idle_Force 18-Jan-12 9:08am    
Thanks Dave, so this behavior is occurring during debug. I have not installed this version on my computer that I am building on. I do the OS testing later, including installs. There was an old version on this machine, but has sense been uninstalled. One of the things I added was an Awaitable event (in this form) - which runs one time, so that does not sound like the culprit to me. In the end I may just delete the NotifyIcon and add it back and if that fixes it. Thanks for you helpful support.
It appears to be fixed. Strange indeed! It appears to be a bad method call in my FTP class - which has worked without problem for 2 years. I got rid of the test connection method and just Try/Catch the ftp object. Big thanks to Dave for being helpful and courteous.
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