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hi i am yogesh. my problem is that i need to add silverlight control (progressbar)in my new (,c#) application.When iam opening silverlight application and adding progressbar control to its toolbox from choose items, everything is ok...
But when i am adding same control using application toolbox, it doesn't show the control after adding it from choose items.... so what is wrong please suggest me.. i am using vs201, .net framework 4.0, 4.0....
The control is shown in the toolbox with silverlight app. but not with application... please help me... is there something i have to install or not...

You cannot directly use Silverlight controls in ASP.NET pages. You have to insert the Silverlight runtime object and point it at the .xap file which is your compiled SilverLight project.

Silverlight is much like Flash in that you are really including a component in the page using an object tag.

I'm guessing you want a progress bar displayed while some process is going on in your ASP.Net page. You might want to consider an AJAX progress bar instead. Silverlight is really meant to be deployed as an independent application hosted in a web page. Passing stuff across the Silverlight/DOM boundary is ugly and takes a lot of Javascript hacks to get the events wired up. You will probably find AJAX easier to use in an ASP.Net solution.
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yogesh a sharma 18-Jan-12 9:53am    
thanks for your suggestion ... i wiil try it

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