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I have a record set returned from the DB

this recordset is used for 5 different transactions, I know the transaction Type here.

so I need to create 5 different Objects from this record set as each of 5 transactions are of different type.

Then I call the process method of each transaction and pass the resceptive object to the transation.

I have two problmes in this approach.

1. from the recordset returned by DB, I want to create a collection with Key Value pair, where Key is DB Column name and value is DB Column value and store it in a Dictionary, in Dictionary key is Transaction Type and value is my collection, I dont know how can I achieve that?

2. I want to write a generic method, to which I will pass the Dictionary created in step 1 and transaction type and that method should return me the object specific to the Transaction type.

I am very new to Generics, so can someone please help me in doing that.

Thanks in advance.

See the MSDN topic about Generic Methods.
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Create a new dictionary:

var lookup = new Dictionary<string,>();

add your key and value to the dictionary

lookup.Add(DB Key Value, DB collection);

var mainDictionary = new Dictionary<Type, Dictionary<string, , object>>();

get the right collection:

public Dictionary<string, object> GetCollection<T>(Dictionary<Type, Dictionary<string, object>> mainDictionary)
    return mainDictionary.Where(x => x.Key == typeof(T)).Select(x => x.Value).SingleOrDefault();

NB this is Psuedo code, so no prizes for pointing out it won't compile ;-)
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