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How to replace System.Drawing.Font Header = new Font(FontFamily.GenericSansSerif,15,FontStyle.Bold);
to WPF font class.

Updated 28-Jan-12 22:50pm
Abhinav S 29-Jan-12 3:50am    
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First of all, the notion of "difference" is totally undefined. I don't think you can explain it anyhow.

All you need to understand is that these two classes have nothing to do with each other; they express the same idea in different systems. It's also the best to treat System.Windows.Forms+System.Drawing and WPF as two different parallel words not touching each other.

In fact, there are interoperability modules used to convert images between them, and to host WPF controls in a Form and System.Windows.Forms controls in a WPF Window, but they are monstrous in architecture and implementation; and it's they should better be avoided unless there is some desperate need.

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Abhinav S 29-Jan-12 4:25am    
My 5.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Jan-12 4:51am    
Thank you, Abhinav.
There is no one to one mapping between System.Drawing.Font (WinForms) and System.Windows.Media.FontFamily (WPF).

Have a look at the FontFamily class here[^] and try using it in your own implementation.
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