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I am new to this vc++. I want to change the font size in my edit control. Here is what I have written. It compiles and runs but does not change the font size. My project has one edit box and one button.

void CHebrewDlg::OnBnClickedNext()
	CEdit *pCtrl = (CEdit*) GetDlgItem(IDC_EDIT1);
	int static count = 0;
	wchar_t hebrew_ch[30] = 
           { L'א', L'בּ', L'ב', L'ג', L'ד', L'ה', L'ו', L'ז', L'ח', L'ט', 
	     L'י', L'כּ', L'כ', L'ל', L'מ', L'נ', L'ס', L'ע', L'פּ', L'פ',        
	     L'צ', L'ק', L'ר', L'שׁ', L'שׂ', L'ת' };


	// clear out structure
	memset(&lf, 0, sizeof(LOGFONT)); 

	// request a 12-pixel-height font
	lf.lfHeight = 24;                

	// request a face name "Arial"
	_tcsncpy_s(lf.lfFaceName, LF_FACESIZE, _T("Arial"), 7);

	CFont font1;
	font1.CreateFontIndirect(&lf);  // create the font

	// CFont::operator HFONT automatically converts font1 from 
	// CFont* to HFONT.
	CFont* font2 = CFont::FromHandle(font1);

	//send to the target window
	SendMessage((UINT)pCtrl, WM_SETFONT, (WPARAM)font2);

	count = ++count % 26;

 //Done with the font. Delete the font object.
Updated 29-Jan-12 20:45pm
Rajesh Anuhya 30-Jan-12 2:45am    
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1 solution

You need to make the CFont object persist for the life of the control. Do not destroy it until the window that contains the control goes out of scope.
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