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<script type="text/JavaScript">


 <input type="button" value="Print"  önclick="'hidden';window.print();" />

I am using this code webpage was printing but after printing i want to display old page it will contains buttons i.e print, save and Content

how it is displayed using java script code

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Updated 5-Sep-21 17:13pm
manognya kota 6-Feb-12 7:05am    
added <pre> tags.
Varun Sareen 6-Feb-12 7:07am    
Question not clear :(

Do you just mean you want the 'print' button (that you hid in its event handler) to come back again? If so, you need to give it an id, and then do:
document.getElementById("print_button").style.visibility = '';

(Note: I usually use .style.display instead, but I think that makes little difference.)

Or if you want it to come back immediately after window.print() is called you can inline it in the event handler:

<input type="button" value="Print"  önclick="'hidden';window.print();''" />

However, this is all rather pointless since if you didn't provide the button at all, the user could just use the browser's Print button!

You can also use CSS to show/hide elements for printing, see for example this article[^].
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thatraja 6-Feb-12 8:45am    
Right, 5!
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<button class="btn btn-success " type="button" id="PrintData" ="finnish">PrintData</button>

$("#PrintData").click(function () {
var printButton = document.getElementById("savebtn");
var data = document.getElementById("printarea"); = 'hidd

window.print(); = 'visible';


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