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I created my application using in a Windows XP sp3 OS, my application, when run, will seek DBKeys in the registry, if not found, will create that key. This worked in another computer with Windows XP OS.

1. How can i determine the Computer's OS and if its a 32 or 64bit OS?

2. How can I create a "DBKeys" registry key in a 64bit OS?

All in vb 2008

Tnx in advance.

1 solution

If your app is compiled AnyCPU, it'll run as a 32-bit app on 32-bit Windows and as a 64-bit app on 64-bit Windows. Usually, there's no need to even check.

The procedures and code will be identical on both. No need to make any changes at all, UNLESS....

If your code is compiled AnyCPU and running on 64-bit Windows, and you want to create keys/values in the 32-bit section of the registry (under Wow6432Node), then you have to change things a bit to handle that case. Would this be what you're doing?
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Alan Tuscano 19-Feb-12 22:39pm    
Hi Dave,

I'm running my apps(or have developed my apps) on a 32bit CPU. We've installed the apps on a Windows 2008 server, 64 bit windows.. and its running, we got a little of lost, trying to find the registry I created when we stamble on "Wow6432Node" and from there on, has been testing the apps.

Thank You so much Dave for the Help. :)

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