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Sorry iam asking it again...But i cant explain you in detail about me and my boss..Just please answer my question if you people know.........
Hi I am Yash and just joined a website devloping company......My boss Gave me a task to use the functionality of datalist in repeater..
I am directly giving an clarify...
i have a table in sql (Employee)... Rows and columns are as follows..

emp_id name salary
1 yash 20000
2 tejas 10000
3 rahul 10000
4 keyur 15000

Now i have to display the above data as follows...But Using Repeater...

emp_id name

1 yash
2 tejas
3 rahul
4 keyur


This means i need to to display first two columns..After which i have to display the
third column below the first two columns...
Please Help Me... i have tried Many logics including literal coltrol.. but still i cant got this... According to my boss its just a simple logic..
Also i have to use table,tr and td in this task...
So Please Provide me solution with example using Repeater and not a Datalist Control
Please help... For me its challange.....
Thanks in Advance
Updated 20-Feb-12 7:45am

1 solution

This should be addressed by you and your boss. He wants you to accomplish the task, to gauge your skills I would assume, and if you can't you need to tell him now and get help. If you have others give you the answers the tasks will be become more difficult and the failure even more profound when you eventually can't find help and have learned nothing.
yogesh a sharma 20-Feb-12 12:23pm
i know u are right.BUT he also told me to search google, but i did'nt find it yet...And i am not asking for entire solution but please can u provde me with some logics....? Thanks
[no name] 20-Feb-12 12:28pm
Once again, you should address this with your boss. If he gave you a source and you can't find it or don't understand it then he needs to clarify. If he gave you a broad topic then ask him to narrow it.
fjdiewornncalwe 20-Feb-12 14:42pm
If he told you to search google, then it is clear that he knows the task will be difficult for you. He is trying to teach you how to find the answer so that you will become a better developer. It means he wants to help you learn and get better, not that you go somewhere for someone else to give you the answer. You should count yourself lucky to have a boss who wants to help you.

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