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Dear All,

I am very new to, I used ArrayList in a project and I observed that arraylist overwrites the previous items in the arraylist.
<serializable()> _
Public Class benchPortalPara

    Public name As String = ""
    Public attribute As String = ""
    Public time As Double = 0.0
    Public CmdCnt As Integer = 0 'ToDo: to remove

    <(XmlArrayItem(Type:=GetType(benchPortalPara)), _
    'XmlArrayItem(Type:=GetType(CLS_BENCH_CMD_ALARM))> _
    'Public benchList As ArrayList = New ArrayList

    <XmlArrayItem(Type:=GetType(benchPortalPara))> _
    Public benchList As ArrayList

    Public Shared Instance As benchPortalPara = Nothing

    Public Shared Sub passCmdData(ByVal Cls_Cmd As CLS_BENCH_CMD_TIMING)
        If (Instance Is Nothing) Then
            Instance = New benchPortalPara
        End If = Cls_Cmd.cmdName
        Instance.attribute = Cls_Cmd.cmdDescription
        Instance.time = Cls_Cmd.duration
        Instance.CmdCnt += 1

        If (Instance.benchList Is Nothing) Then Instance.benchList = New ArrayList()
    End Sub
End Class

Everytime when I call passCmdData() routine, my previous arraylist data is overwritten.

Please suggest that what can go wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Updated 21-Feb-12 1:19am
Varun Sareen 21-Feb-12 7:19am    
edit for: naveed khowaja
naveed khowaja 22-Feb-12 4:40am    
Want to add something for your info, I am calling passCmdData() for 100 times. In this class I have declared my arraylist as "Public benchList As ArrayList".

do I need multi-dimentional arraylist for that? If so, how to implement it?

1 solution

Why does your class appear to hold an instance of itself, called Instance?
Why not use Me instead?
If (Me.benchList Is Nothing) Then Me.benchList = New ArrayList()
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naveed khowaja 21-Feb-12 20:42pm    

Thanks for the reply. But when I use Me instead of "instance" then it gives me following error.

"Me is only valid within an instance method"
OriginalGriff 22-Feb-12 4:00am    
Then take off the "Shared" attribute.

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