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We would like to enforce and remove different types of Document Protection (Restrict Editing) on a whole Word 2010 document in code.
Our code has worked in previous version of Word but is no longer working with the new version. When changing protection type from
wdAllowOnlyRevisions to wdAllowOnlyFormFields, our code is designed to unprotect the document and then protect it with a new
protection type as follows.

ProtectioType = ActiveDocument.ProtectionType
If ProtectioType = wdAllowOnlyRevisions Then
ActiveDocument.Protect(Password:="xxxxx", NoReset:=True, Type:= wdAllowOnlyFormFields, UseIRM:=False, EnforceStyleLock:=False)
End If

After ActiveDocument.Unprotect executed, ActiveDocument.ProtectionType becomes -1 which is correct. But in the document
the Restrict Editing pane (From the document ribbon menu Review -> Restrict Editing) settings are not changed. The
"2. Allow only this type of editing in the document:" checkbox is still checked for "Tacked changes". Therefore,
when code ActiveDocument.Protect is executed, wdAllowOnlyFormFields protection type is not applied and it keeps wdAllowOnlyRevisions.

However, after unprotecting the document in code and before calling the protect method in code,
the "2. Allow only this type of editing in the document:" checkbox is still checked (in the Review->Restrict
Editing panel in the ribbon menu of the document). As the result, the document is not protected as we want it to be when using the code.

Are there any VBA/Word functions we can use to programmatically clear that checkbox in the Restrict Editing panel? Many thanks!
Laysence 5-Sep-16 7:47am    
You could avoid this issue by moving away from using Word Interop in C# and instead use this C# library for Word files. Also here is a restrict editing example code.

1 solution

I don't have MS Word 2010, but i found interesting article. Read this[^] article, a specially, the section: "Applies to".
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zengfuxu 23-Feb-12 20:56pm    
I know how to protect a word document using VB code ActiveDocument.Protect as described in that article. The problem with Word 2010 document is, after protection type of a document changed programmatically, it fails to save so the document still keeps the original protection type when it is closed and reopened. This is a MS confirmed bug in Word 2010.

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