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Using Silverlight 4, VS 2010 and Blend 4

I have an Expander with a StackPanel and a ItemsControl where I get the collection of items I wanto to display.
<toolkit:Expander x:Name="ExpanderComentarios" Header="{Binding mySugest_Conteudo.Qt_CommentsSugestao_Info, Converter={StaticResource DescComentariosConverter}, ElementName=userControl, Mode=OneWay}" BorderThickness="0" Style="{StaticResource StyleExpanderBlue4}" d:LayoutOverrides="Height" Margin="3">
   <StackPanel x:Name="stackMySugest" Margin="0,3,0,0">
      <ItemsControl x:Name="itemsMySugest" ItemsSource="{Binding mySugest_Conteudo.ListMyComment_Info, ElementName=userControl}">
               <componente:myComent x:Name="mySugest_Comments" myComment="{Binding}"/>

The item collection has a few items, more than would fit on the screen.

This Expander is inside a ScrollViewer.

The thing is that whenever I expand the Expander or update its content the ScrollViewer scrolls down to show the last item of the Expander.

How can I prevent that scroll from hapening?
Updated 27-Feb-12 3:51am

1 solution

try this

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Jorge J. Martins 27-Feb-12 10:13am    
The ScrollViewer control doesn't have property "CanContentScroll".
Jorge J. Martins 27-Feb-12 11:58am    
Any how, the expander is part of a UserControl witch is included in the ScrollViewer's itemscollection making It hard to manage from within the UserControl.
Dean Oliver 28-Feb-12 0:52am    
there is you not calling it correctly.

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