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"Can you tell how to determine numbers of lines which currently are visible in RichTextBox?"
Updated 29-Feb-12 2:36am
Syed Salman Raza Zaidi 29-Feb-12 8:15am    
Не могли бы вы подробнее рассказать или поделиться некоторыми из вас код??
[no name] 29-Feb-12 8:15am    
This is an English language forum. If you need help, please use an online transaltor to translate your question.

Not nice, but...
Try this:
int top = myRichTextBox.GetCharIndexFromPosition(new Point(1, 1));
int bottom = myRichTextBox.GetCharIndexFromPosition(new Point(1, myRichTextBox.Height - 1));

int topLine = myRichTextBox.GetLineFromCharIndex(top);
int bottomLine = myRichTextBox.GetLineFromCharIndex(bottom);

int linesDisplayed = bottomLine - topLine;
Console.WriteLine("{0}:{1} = {2}", topLine, bottomLine, linesDisplayed);
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Andy1828 29-Feb-12 9:09am    
It works! I believe it is the best decision. Thank you!
OriginalGriff 29-Feb-12 9:18am    
You're welcome!
ProEnggSoft 29-Feb-12 11:03am    
Good answer. My 5.
and how about this one:
int charCount;
int lineCount;
    new SizeF(richTextBox1.Width, richTextBox1.Height),
    new StringFormat(StringFormatFlags.FitBlackBox), 
    out charCount, 
    out lineCount);

the lineCount-1 value seems to be the correct visible lines count
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Andy1828 29-Feb-12 11:09am    
Thanks, but really, I needed the screen string to work with.

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