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public class CustomerController : Controller
   public ViewResult DisplayCustomer()
      Customer objCustomer = new Customer();//i can not creat an object of this class bcoz i can not find this Customer class here so how to find this class here..?
      objCustomer.Id = 12;
      objCustomer.CustomerCode = "1001";
      objCustomer.Amount = 90.34;

      return View("DisplayCustomer",objCustomer);

please solve my comment part of this code
what is missing so i can not find "Customer" class here...
Updated 2-Mar-12 5:42am

You need a using statment for the namespace that Customer belongs to at the beginning of the module code. If it is in the same project, then you do not need to have a reference to the project containing the definition of Customer (in the references folder under the root of the project). Otherwise you need to add a reference by right clicking the references folder and selecting "Add Reference...". Projects within the folder will appear under the Projects tab, which is the top left tab.
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I'm sure this is way to simple so can't be what you are looking for but it seems to me that you are attempting to instantiate a class that does not exist in your project. Either include a file (probably called Customer.cs) in your project or create the Customer class with all of the appropriate properties, etc., that your solution requires.

Read this[^].
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Member 8693833 2-Mar-12 11:28am    
yeah thnks i didnt add class library ........
thnk u

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