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Is there any way to get a handle for the CMFCColorButton so I can get the return color of the selected color from the Ribbon in MFC?
Updated 4-Mar-12 3:40am

1 solution

(with the help of MSDN and google)

You need to "find" the button by ID (kind of a bummer, but I've not looked further into that) in the handler of the button

// new handler for the button in the ribbon bar. (created when editing the ribbon in the resource editor
ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON5, &CMainFrame::OnColorButton)
void CMainFrame::OnColorButton()
  // ID_BUTTON5 is the ID of the color button I created in the resource editor.
  CMFCRibbonColorButton* pColorBtn = DYNAMIC_DOWNCAST( CMFCRibbonColorButton, m_wndRibbonBar.FindByID(ID_BUTTON5));
  COLORREF color  = pColorBtn->GetColor();

(tried on VS11, I don't have other version at home, so YMMV).
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DrBones69 4-Mar-12 17:00pm    
Thanks Max! Somewhere in the shuffle I became confused with searching for CMFCColorButton & Ribbon, but should have been searching for CMFCRibbonColorButton. Thanks Again.


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