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I am trying to resize a picturebox within the form and also move it around the form within the form and drag it around, can anyone please help I can't find how to do either of those 2 on the Internet.

1 solution

Below provided shows how you can re-size picture Box

Private MyImage As Bitmap
Public Sub ShowMyImage(fileToDisplay As String, xSize As Integer, _
                        ySize As Integer)
    ' Sets up an image object to be displayed.
    If (MyImage IsNot Nothing) Then
    End If

    ' Stretches the image to fit the pictureBox. 
    pictureBox1.SizeMode = PictureBoxSizeMode.StretchImage
    MyImage = New Bitmap(fileToDisplay)
    pictureBox1.ClientSize = New Size(xSize, ySize)
    pictureBox1.Image = CType(MyImage, Image)
 End Sub 
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ajay.anilmaddi 5-Mar-12 5:45am    
please Help me ,I need code for PictureBox Move and resize in same form and for same picture

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