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Hi guys, do you know some intensive tutorial for login system?
i can create login form, connect to database, but my prob is that i dont know how to generate new account automatically for each user to register. I am tired of assigning new form for every user and i know that that is not how its supposed to work.

im working with vb express edition 2010. :)

Im sorry, my first question is very unclear: this is what i want to know:
How to make registered users have their own account and access this after logging in.
I have a registration process, and a login form.
Updated 9-Mar-12 19:57pm
ZurdoDev 8-Mar-12 7:52am    
What do you mean by "I am tired of assigning new form for every user?" You should have one form, register.aspx, that create a new user. Or, please explain better if I have misunderstood.
kimsnap 8-Mar-12 19:45pm    
i mean, when i made the register form, i define a set of values that could only be chosen from. (student, teacher, staff, etc.) and i create a form for each one of these values.
but then if i create a different kind of system i would need to automatically generate a new form for each user to register right?
Kschuler 9-Mar-12 16:00pm    
How are you saving a new user right now? Do you have separate tables in your database for a student than a teacher? If so, are you collecting the exact same data to create a new user for both? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you should be able to have one form and one table in your database to store your users. But really, it's hard to help without more information about your database structure. Also, what type of application are you writing? A simple windows forms app? A website?
kimsnap 9-Mar-12 22:44pm    
hi, thank you for your reply. no i dont have a separate table. Should i construct one?
my database have a one table that contains (Position, username, password, name)
-Im saving users through a register form, insert to syntax fr.vb-database.

i see your point, im sorry i cant provide more information, i am a beginner and i want to know more about creating login system. I am about to create a simple windows form apps.

1 solution

There's nothing special about a login system. AFAIK, there are no tutorial for one either.

You're not making a login system. You're making an authentication system that is used throughout your app to determine security permissions. At least you should be considering you're going through the trouble of making logins mandatory, otherwise, what's the point.

Systems like this are built up of smaller components.

First, you have to define exactly what your login system should support, what it's requirements are, how it's going to be used. If you can't tell us this much, you're just groping around in the dark and are not going to get help that's going to be very useful.

You need users to be able to create a new account on their own? Ok, you create a registration form that asks for the proper details for your system. Once the user enters those details, then what? You have to make sure that the username chosen is available, correct? OK, there's another requirement. Make sure the password meets certain requirements, if necessary, and so on with the entire registration setup. Once all that is done, you can write the account data to the database. Just don't forget to salt the password and hash it. Don't make the disasterous mistake of storing passwords in plain text.

All of these things are small pieces that you put together to create your registration system.
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kimsnap 10-Mar-12 1:54am    
Hi sir, thank you for your reply. Im sorry, my fault, i dont know what to call it: a system that have a registration, login form, and registered users having their own account and can access them after logging in.

i have accomplished the first two: registration process and a login FORM. just a login form that verifies if the person logging in is registered. What i want to know is the third: registered users having their own account and can access this after logging in.

If this would help you to understand me, my project is this: users that can upload their own pictures and documents and have them signed and printed. But i just want to know how the THIRD process is done.
Member 11951125 24-Mar-16 2:51am    
how to impliment this
Dave Kreskowiak 24-Mar-16 9:48am    
I can't tell you as the required information would span a small book, way too much for a couple of forum posts.

The best description you're going to get is the one you replied to. A post that's FOUR YEARS OLD! Don't reply to old posts. Start your own thread.

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