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Hi all,

My task is to create a web form which shows something like this:

|                                             |

The idea is this that 1, 2, 3 are the collapsible panels. I am using a label in header panel of each collapsible panel which will show ID of sme data.

when I will click on it, say it is used in panel 1, the panel one will expand and inside it a gridview is there which will show content panel showing the details of that id, and wen i will click on label again it panel will close.

similarly for the 2 one and the third one and so on.

so how can i use this ?? using javascript and ajax together or just ajax will be enough ???

Pls suggest.

Taresh Uppal

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Updated 13-Mar-12 23:38pm

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Taresh Uppal 15-Mar-12 3:16am    
hi..thanx a lot this was really awesome however I have a doubt here..In my task i wanted n number of panels that will be generated according to the values(ids)in my database. header panel will show id and when we will click on it it will show content panel contatining the info of that id. How to do that ??
StM0n 15-Mar-12 5:17am    
The coding's up to you :) just take a look at the example... you have to "build" the panels according to your ids. You could either create the whole site at loading or get the data by request.

I also have to look it up... maybe someone else already solved something like that.

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