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I need to internally convert the .docx file to .pdf without using Microsoft.Interop services. I searched in google and found some solutions but all are using this Interop.

I wanted to do without Interop Services. Is this possible to convert .docx file to .pdf without using Microsoft Interop Services? Can anyone help me in this?
Thanks for your reply.

lukeer 15-Mar-12 7:19am    
Don't repost.
Use the "Improve question" link beneath your original question[^] instead.
Gooppoiner 5-Dec-19 4:28am    
Here is how you can convert word document to pdf in C# without using Microsoft Interop Services.

You can print the document as XPS How to: Programmatically Print XPS Files[^]

Then use the GhostXPS GhostXPS[^] to convert the XPS document to PDF.
I hope this will help you.
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There are many products available to convert Word, or other documents, to PDF. 192,000,000 results are shown from a simple Google search, and none of the top results use Interop. Why do you not want to use Interop? Why restrict your toolset?
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Any specific reason why you are avoiding Interop? See OpenXML[^] if that helps.
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There is no office installed in the hosting server. i have to do something with xml or any other open source
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