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Hello Friends,

I am creating a windows application in which i need to move a xml file from one directory to another.
Problem is that i want to move the file into a new directory which will be created according to the date of its moving,means if the file is been moved today then the file will be stored in MovedFolder/2012/March/15/FileName.xml.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried the very obviously named Directory.CreateDirectory[^]
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#realJSOP 15-Mar-12 7:47am    
DAMMIT! That was a secret, locked away in the vast hidden information vaults at google!
RashdSiddique 15-Mar-12 7:50am    
yes but it will only create a single directory,but i want a nested subdirectories and according to current date
#realJSOP 15-Mar-12 7:58am    
You have to create new directories one at a time. There's no magic solution for you. I know this might traumatize you, but you're going to have to actually have to write code.
CreateDirectory can create a sequence of subdirectories

will create all three directories if they don't already exist.

A little bit of custom DateTime formatting will get you what you want. [^]


[EDIT] sorry that was complete nonsense, this will work:

private static void CreateDirectories() {
  DateTime current = DateTime.Now;
  String name = String.Format(@"v:\{0:yyyy}\{1:MMMM}\{2:dd}", current, current, current);
  try {
  } catch (Exception e) {

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ProEnggSoft 15-Mar-12 20:09pm    
Good solution. 5ed!

hope this will help....

string path = "D:\\MoveFolder\\" + DateTime.Now.Year.ToString() + "\\" +
DateTime.Now.ToString("MMMM") + "\\" + DateTime.Now.Day.ToString();

FileStream fs = File.Create(path+"\\Filename.xml");
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