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I have two updatepanel in my page. Each panel has one combobox, first panel has a combobox, which contains list of countries. Second updatepanel has a Combobox, which contains list of states corresponding to the country selected in country combo. I have to load the states dependa upon the country selected in country combo.

In the updatepanel, which contains the state combo the Country combo is set as trigger.

If I change the country in the country combo, I got a error that is

Error: Sys.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: panelsUpdated[1]
Source File: http://pc120:48888/ScriptResource.axd?d=wgiqfp3LEsrSw_pGRpvCxI-_nZeggWbl-wt2kQbQ4BN74pL4ghG5Tvbi5sE2Efrxr54PM001FpPygSTRUD5i_Y_ikBIQHMnmE0C50-0_3qB-OTm8eh6V-96HEs66Z90m0&t=ffffffffb951fb26
Line: 127

Please give a solution for this problem.

1 solution

Post some code so we can get what exactly problem is.
Else have a look Simple Way to Implement Country/State/City Dropdown List in ASP.NET[^]
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