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Can someone suggest the best third party grid to offer Excel like functionality for a window application.

I know there is a similar question asked at the following post, which discusses it in general terms:

What is the best third-party WinForms grid for .NET?

But, I have list of particular features that I require for my application.

Following is the list of features

Search functionality to filter out the rows
Search functionality to search/focus the cell containing the search text
Search functionality with case sensitivity and case insensivity
Begins With and Contains options in Search functionality
Regular expressions in Search query
Sorting on String Columns
Sorting on Interger Columns
Cut/Copy/Paste a Column programatically
Cut/Copy/Paste a Row programatically
Add Column programatically
Add Row programtically
Delete Column programtically
Delete Row programtically
Hide Column programtically
Hide Row programtically
Lock/Unlock a row programatically
Lock/Unlock a Column programatically
Lock/Unlock a Cell programatically
Cell level Formulas
Cell level Formulas with Mouse Click
Excel like Column Filters through coding & UI
Regular expression for Column Filters through coding
Export to Excel & Import from excel programatically
Track cell level updates
Formula bar
Provision to add/remove menu items in right click menu
Freeze Row i.e. Fixed Row
Freeze Column i.e. Fixed Column
To select multiple rows (consecutive or non-consecutive ) using mouse
To select multiple rows (consecutive or non-consecutive ) using arrow keys
Provision to give different color to different cells in a row
Provision to give different color to a column
Provision to give different color to a row
To move columns' location both through coding & UI
Preventing a column to be dragged & dropped
Tooltip on the column and column header
Allowing date picker column in the grid
Ability to Bold, underline, italic, font size text of a cell programatically
Repeat Paste
Grouping columns
Indent through coding
Cell level Validations

1 solution

FarPoint Spread[^]
and SpreadSheetGear[^]
are some of the best Excel like components.
But your list of requirements is long, so could not check whether all of your requirements are covered by these components.
You can verify and give a try from the above links.
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