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I want to retrieve a picture from an Access database using C# code of visual studio 2008. I took a picture in access file of Bitmap Image format.

I used the following code:
private void load_picturebox_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            byte[] ImageByte = null;
            MemoryStream MemStream = null;
            PictureBox PicBx = new PictureBox();
            object OB;
            int ImageID = 1;
            string sql = "SELECT picture FROM dictionary WHERE serial_no = " + ImageID + "";
            OleDbCommand vcom = new OleDbCommand(sql, vcon);
            ImageByte = (byte[])vcom.ExecuteScalar();
            MemStream = new MemoryStream(ImageByte);
            PicBx.Image = Image.FromStream(MemStream);

But I couldnt run this code with the below line in the code:
PicBx.Image = Image.FromStream(MemStream);

The error is:
"Parameter is not valid"
Updated 24-Mar-12 14:14pm
[no name] 24-Mar-12 11:55am    
Well? Is ImageByte a valid byte array?
Member 8454009 24-Mar-12 12:49pm    
Yes, ImageByte is a valid byte array. It's have no error.
Ilham Israfilov 24-Mar-12 17:23pm    
Doubtful. Because with the command you executed you get not image, but table with 1 field and that's not valid byte array. You could get arraylike access to that field and grab the image.
[no name] 24-Mar-12 22:56pm    
Then the image in the database is not a valid image format.

1 solution

There are two possibilities:

1) The data you saved in the database was not saved in a valid image format.
2) The data you read out is wrong.

Since the data read out code should work, I would check the load data method.
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