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hello there, i am working on this project, its a network monitoring tool that should auto-detect the topology and draw it " 200 nodes " for an isp, i am using ping broadcast to get all the IP addresses in the network , then traceroute to detect the hops within the network , but i have no idea how to use them to draw , i really need help so if anyone knows any library or mention anything that can help i'll be very pleased " am writing it in C# ", this library or function should allow me to put some info like , loss rate, available bandwidth, or jitter beside every link between the nodes. am just having a problem with the visual part so what should i use? any related information can be very useful for me , thanks alot.
Shahin Khorshidnia 25-Mar-12 15:51pm    
Good idea.
+5 for the idea
Hops? Do you mean Hub(the device) or realy mean the hop(path between source and destination)?
By the way, I am thinking about your good question and I will answer it, if I can.

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I think using visio is the simplest way

How to: Create New Visio Documents

Drawing Visio Shapes in the Visio ActiveX Control using C# and .NET

If you want to draw the nodes yourself:

1. you must make a (or many) user control(s).
For example a parent control (Node)
and the other things (like computer, printer, ...) inherit from Node
They can contain specified images.
They have connectors.

2. Make a container screen like Panel (in window) or Canvas (in WPF) that contains all nodes
It's actually your desktop and manages the Nodes.

3. User controls must represent some classes (Or maybe you prefer to merge user controls with classes)
Node class has a property of a (or a collection of) Node(s) as connectors
Ok when the container detects the connectors, it draws lines among them.
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Nelek 25-Mar-12 19:07pm    
Counter uni-voted. I don't think this answer deserve an 1
Shahin Khorshidnia 25-Mar-12 22:20pm    
Thank you Nelek.
I don't realy have any idea about some people who are downvoting without any reason!
Ja-lol 26-Mar-12 16:18pm    
hello there shahin, thanks a lot for your help this was really helpful i'll read and understand more about this and i hope its exactly what needed ( the nodes should be drawn as dots when beside them there should be information about the node eg. the ip address ... which will be achieved by using SNMP traps to get the info needed from the nodes " see otter ") and when i said hops i meant router bridges etc that are found between the source and destination. so thanks again and any information or comment will be useful because this is my first project and i find it veryy hard.
Shahin Khorshidnia 26-Mar-12 18:44pm    
You're welcome

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