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I want the source code of feedback algorithm (CPU scheduling) with quantum 2 and quantum 4 (RQ=2 and RQ=4)?

with unlimited inputs (user can define the numbers of process)?

Can anybody Help me ?

(Feedback is a dynamic algorithm

When a process advent from first time it goes to RQ0

When from the first running go to standby it goes to RQ1

From every running it goes to the next low priority queue .

The shortest process is rapidly ending but the longer ones goes down slowly .

In the all of queue except of the low priority queue it use a simple FCFS solution .

When a process is placed in the low priority queue it cannot goes down . ‌But repeatedly came back to recent queue for

completing the running of it . It works Rotating shifts .)
Updated 27-Mar-12 0:27am
[no name] 26-Mar-12 19:57pm    
Your question is not clear. It would assist if you provided more detailed information.

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Nima2012 27-Mar-12 6:29am    
Dear friend it is different from the FCFS.

Thank you.
JackDingler 27-Mar-12 12:02pm    
I don't think Shahin's point was to do your work for you, but to show you a related implementation.

If you need someone to write this for you, there are sites where you can contract programmers to write your code in return for $$$.

That is not what this site is for. If you have a specific C++ question we will be happy to help you, but you need to show us some code.

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