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Hi All

I had created a Microsoft 2007 docx output via OpenXML but now i want to change this output in PDF format.

Docx contain header,footer,various pages with graphical images as well as too much formatting.

So please suggest is there any possibility that I can convert the docx to pdf just by changing the Headers.

Using :Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
3.5 framework
and for website project.

Below is the code which I tried to do the same:

//Creating new name and making .PDF
var resultname = Server.MapPath("App_data/doc/" + timeSpan + ".pdf");

//Here filename is a buffer or original word document.
       using (var mainDoc = WordprocessingDocument.Open(filename, false))
       using (var resultDoc = WordprocessingDocument.Create(resultname,WordprocessingDocumentType.Document))

           foreach (var part in mainDoc.Parts)
               resultDoc.AddPart(part.OpenXmlPart, part.RelationshipId);


But it is giving me Unable to open file,Might corrupt.
Please suggest....

Thanks in Advance!!

Mahendra Varandani
Updated 3-Apr-12 4:56am
Duchatived 9-Sep-15 4:31am    
You mean just by changing the HTTP response's header? No, that won't work, you still have a document in DOCX format. What you need to do is convert a file in DOCX format into a PDF format with C#.
This is not an easy task to achieve, there is no build in solution for this in .NET, you'll have to use some third party .net library for word documents.

1 solution

Hi devpeter,

Thanks for suggestion..

But it a paid dll is there any unpaid/free solution in .net??

or what would be the best approach to do the If I have created my docx ready.
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