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Hi there,

I am creating an application in I have a database connected to it. The database contains a lot of information for example users, vendors etc. Currently I have a dropdown menu which is just too long to be doing through it just to find the vendor you want. Now I want to create a search box so that when I want to get a specific vendor (I already have all the vendors details on the database such as address and contacts) I want to start typing the vendors name and I want it to look in the database then start giving me matching data to what I m typing to what already exists.

For example, when you do a search on google, normally it will start giving you matches to what you typing in or something similar to what you have already searched for. I wonder if anyone knows how to do it in and MySQL that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

jQuery has a lot of plug-ins available for doing autocomplete searches. Just search google for jQuery autocomplete or you can use the jQuery autocomplete at[^]
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Jquery plugins available for this.

you can use $.autocomplete() to searching records.
link :

AJAX autocomplete for JQUERY
link :

another way is Autocomplete Extender of AJAX.

link :
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try following this link...

make a web service for this..if you cant then contact me..I will send you the sample code[^]
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Geofferz 16-Apr-12 6:01am    
Hey, thanks for your help. I would really appreciate a sample code if you can please! At the moment I just have a text box and I want that to be linked to my database so when user starts typing name of a customer it searches what already exists in the database and provide what matches to what they typing. Thanks again!
AshishChaudha 16-Apr-12 6:13am    
please provide me your email id
Geofferz 17-Apr-12 5:00am    
my email id is thanks

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