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Using C# in Visual Studio, how to populate Form ListBox with SqlServer stored-procedure (containing select of one column from one table with no where-criteria)?

Current code:
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
   SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("pr_MySelectProcedure", conn);
   cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
   cmd.Connection = conn;
   string tempVal = string.Empty;
   using (SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader())
      // if (reader.HasRows == true) ... passed this test, so continue with other code
         // passes test: if (reader.FieldCount > 0)
         tempVal = reader[0].ToString(); // exception error here: no data present
         // also fails with: tempVal = reader["firstcolumnname"].ToString();
      } while (reader.Read());
catch ...

Thank you!
Updated 12-Apr-12 8:46am
[no name] 12-Apr-12 14:21pm    
Apologies, I see that the other one was deleted. In the future you can use the "Improve question" widget to edit your question.
D. Schrenk 12-Apr-12 14:23pm    
Deleted previous question and entered new question with more Tags (as requested) and with more info.
Shahin Khorshidnia 12-Apr-12 14:28pm    
You don't need to delete the question and repost it.
You can simply click on Improve question (Green link) and edit or re-tag it.
Thank you
Shahin Khorshidnia 12-Apr-12 14:29pm    
And it still needs to re-tag. I ask you specify it. What is the base of your application? WinForm? or ASP.Net or WPF? or other?

1 solution

You need to call reader.Read() before trying to access the data. In your example you are calling it after. Change your "do" loop to a "while" should fix it.

   tempVal = reader[0].ToString(); 
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D. Schrenk 12-Apr-12 14:53pm    
The compiler would not let me have the while-stmt with the do-stmt. I will try again. Looking at other c# code, I will try to do one Read before the do-while loop. Thank you.
[no name] 12-Apr-12 14:59pm    
See updated
D. Schrenk 12-Apr-12 15:25pm    
I will change code to use your while-loop. Adding one Read before the do-loop also solved the problem--as you suspected, no data had actually been read yet. I successfully inserted the retrieved db data into the ListBox on the Form. Thank you!
[no name] 12-Apr-12 15:30pm    
Great! You're welcome.

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