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I made an application for tracking the location of Windows phone 7 using Windows phone SDK 7.1 and i have used visual studio 2010 for creating my application.I have made different project files in visual studio 2010 using XAML one for starting page which has button at the bottom named menu ,i want on clicking of this button my another project file get opened which has different icons page and again on clicking of those icons my different project files should run in emulator like on clicking of one icon project file of Bing map should open and on clicking of another icon project file of simple calculator should open in Windows phone 7 emulator on debugging my application.How can i achieve all this i am getting unhandled exceptions and i can't navigate to different project files from one another while debugging the application.
What can I do?
Is there any alternative to link those files?
OriginalGriff 13-Apr-12 4:16am    
"What can I do?"
Learn to use sentences?
I can't made head nor tail of what you are trying to find out there.
Use the "Improve question" widget to edit your question and provide better information.
Nelek 13-Apr-12 4:53am    
In addition to what OriginalGriff said, I think you are facing more than one problem. When you edit your question, please try to go step by step. I mean focus on one issue, giving the relevant information and piece of code, once solved the next one

What can you do?
Stop repeatedly posting this same question and go and spend some time learning about how to put this type of project together. I already told you what to do in the Visual Studio forum[^]. If this project is beyond your skill level then go and read some of the sample projects in the CodeProject Articles[^] section.
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If you do not know solution keep your mouth shut.
Somebody else will help me.
Mr. Richard your suggestion is just a comment but did not help me.
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Richard MacCutchan 13-Apr-12 9:15am    
Thank you for your stupid comment, which is also not a solution. Instead of being lazy and rude why not try and do some work for yourself.
[no name] 13-Apr-12 9:35am    
Being rude is no way to get help

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