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Say we have :
public void method<T>(T obj)
   // some stuff done on the obj

And we have deserialized an object and we need to pass
object obj = CreateObject(bytearray); // serialized byte[] of object

Now the problem is that method needs to know the object type for it to work (internal generics) but we are passing an object, so it will fail. However the CreateObject method can determine the type and it recreates the original without problem.

The question is : how can we somehow give the type information to method so it doesn't break at runtime?

I presume you want to pass the type using the Generics syntax. If so, you can pass it using something like this:

Int32 iObj=0;


Stack sObj = new Stack();

I'm not sure if your point is another mean of sending type to the 'method' method?

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Mehdi Gholam 20-Apr-12 3:34am    
The type is only known at runtime, not compile time.
Reza Ahmadi 20-Apr-12 3:37am    
Then you need to use Reflection, or something like that.
Reza Ahmadi 20-Apr-12 3:42am    
Another way might be using interface for a wide range of types in order to make them usable in your method. I think I got your point but it does not seem to be possible in C# compiler.

Found the solution as :
object obj = CreateObject(bytearray);

var mi = this.GetType().GetMethod("method", BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic);
var m = mi.MakeGenericMethod(new Type[] { obj.GetType() });
m.Invoke(this, new object[] { obj }); // instead of method(obj);
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