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i have checked combo box consisting of some items.What i want is, if user selects any of them,he should not be able to select other items,,,,how can i do that...please help me..

1 solution

Capture the checklistbox_itemcheck event and put this code in there
For i As Integer = 0 To _ListBox.Items.Count - 1
    If i <> e.Index Then
        _ListBox.SetItemChecked(x, False)
    End If
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DileepkumarReddy 21-Apr-12 3:10am    
but there is no event called "checklistbox_itemcheck " for checked combo box...can you please elaborate...
Abhinav S 21-Apr-12 3:17am    
If you are using CheckListBox you should be able to see an ItemCheck event -
DileepkumarReddy 21-Apr-12 6:24am    
Thank you Mr.Abhinav
Abhinav S 21-Apr-12 6:39am    
You are welcome.
DileepkumarReddy 21-Apr-12 7:29am    
Hi,one more complication..i have Checked Combobox..
Items are

Squared Off TO
Delivety TO
Squared Off Buy TO
Squared Off Sell TO
Delivery Buy TO
Delivery Sell TO..

Now,if he select "Squared Off TO" user should be able to select either "Delivery TO" Or "(Delivery Buy TO and Delivery Sell TO)"..
same way ..if he select "Delivery TO",he should be able to select either
"Squared Off TO" or (Squared Off Buy TO and Squared Off Sell TO)..

hw can i do me out..

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