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The problem I m facing is that I have a Class Library (.DLL) containing some code;
When I obfuscate the library I m no longer able to use it in project I m using DotFuscator Community edition bundled with VS 2005.

Could someone suggest how to do this.....?

Do I need to skip renaming classes methods then what's use of obfuscation ?

Thanks for help.......

Dotfuscator has a "Library" mode for just that purpose - provided you haven't declared unnecessary properties and methods as public, protected or internal it works pretty well.
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Mantu Singh 25-Apr-12 6:06am    
Thanks Sir;

But the simple library i have is a simple class with public method if I skip renaming will the Class be obfuscated keeping its name for usability
There are a few things to consider here. As you have developed your application using a managed language, is it worth the effort of attempting to obfuscate it? It doesn't take a great deal of effort to reverse even an obfuscated application. So, if you are attempting to put something in place like a licensing system, then it's not really secure.

Another point to consider is that you are using the community edition of DotFuscator. This means that it's the weakest version of the application when it comes to obfuscation. If you must obfuscate your code, you really need to look into more robust obfuscators.
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Mantu Singh 25-Apr-12 5:58am    
Thanks Sir;
Your suggestion is worth having
But I m doing this for my knowledge

My Purpose is to use library after obfuscation and see that it works well
when we add reference to other project.

i want the code to be secure but classes and methods defined be usable too.

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