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Hi Friends

i am saving some pictures(without background) in sql 2005 database. when i retrieve them in picturebox its have a white background. how i can get my pictures in original format(without background).

PictureBox temp = new PictureBox();
           temp.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(100, 90 + (20 * NumberOfButton));
           temp.Name = "btn" + NumberOfButton;
           temp.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(((8 * tempWidth) / 100), ((10 * tempHeight) / 100));
           temp.Text = ButtonText;
           temp.Tag = ButtonText;
           temp.Click += new EventHandler(OnButtonClick);
           String sql = "select Button_id, Button_logo from Button_mst where Button_id=" + NumberOfButton + "";
           DataTable dtLogo = new DataTable();
           _connector.FillTable(ref dtLogo, sql);
           byte[] data = (byte[])dtLogo.Rows[0][1];
           MemoryStream strm = new MemoryStream();
           strm.Write(data, 0, data.Length);
           strm.Position = 0;
           System.Drawing.Image img = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(strm);
           temp.Image = img;
Updated 26-Apr-12 2:24am
[no name] 26-Apr-12 8:24am    
Format code snippets when posting
[no name] 26-Apr-12 8:26am    
Are you sure it isn't the size of the picturebox being larger than the image? It should default to a white background.
Tiwari A K 26-Apr-12 8:28am    
yes i am sure it isn't the size of the picturebox being larger than the image
i want to remove default white background.
mmm3743 26-Apr-12 16:18pm    
Try changing backcolor of the picturebox to transparent
Tiwari A K 26-Apr-12 20:27pm    
picture box back color is already transparent

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