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How to change the position and size of static element in dialog based Mfc?

I have a CStatic box by drag and drop now I want to change the position and size of that element in the code. How can I do this?
CStatic *pWnd= (CStatic *)GetDlgItem(IDC_STATIC_PICTURE); //Id of CStatic Control

I got rcRect but how to set the new rect value what is the function used to set new rect values.
Updated 28-Jul-23 0:34am

I guess GetClientRect and MoveWindow Will help you on that.
Look at this link. [^]
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chaiein 4-May-12 5:14am    
no move window making it disappear
Chandrasekharan P 4-May-12 5:19am    
Did you try setWindowPos function?
chaiein 4-May-12 5:38am    
Thank u for suggesting this solution:) but its showing how to drag and drop dynamically but I need to show the position using CRect(value1,value2,value3,value4));
chaiein 4-May-12 5:42am    
I need to use CRect because I have png of different size so if i change the element size so i can adjust the picture
chaiein 4-May-12 6:15am    
please check my updated question.
CRect rc;
CWnd *wnd = GetDlgItem(IDYES);
wnd->SetWindowPos(NULL, rc.left,, rc.Width(), rc.Height(), SWP_SHOWWINDOW);
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