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Can you stream you webcam live for an ANDROID application?

Question asked because phones have bandwidth smaller than PCs.
Uilleam 4-May-12 12:18pm    
I've not done it so I can't authoritatively give an answer of YES, but I don't see why not. The complexity will come in deciding what the bandwidth actually is for a given phone at a given time. My android phone is plenty fast on wifi (e.g streaming HDTV), but not so much on the cell carrier, and real bandwidth via cell will depend a lot on the company supplying service, and the circumstances of the call. So I think you can do this, but you need to either detect the bandwidth (if you have a client installed on the phone) or allow the user to choose a bandwidth somehow. Besides, they may not want highest quality even if the bandwidth is available as they may be paying a lot for data.

It can be done, I've succeded but using vlc not programs, and on the phone side with the media player used in api demos

The speed is quite low even in wifi but I realy don't care, just want to use video not pictures
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I've successfully streamed my webcam to my android phone using libraries in nVLC on this site.
Problem is that i could only have stream it inside my own network (under wifi).

Best regards,
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Nelek 20-Aug-14 10:38am    
You should not post another solution for such a little change. Istead you can edit your previous one and change or add content.

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