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Hello. I am trying to add scrollbars into my WPF application but it doesn't seem to work. Only he two ends of the scrollbars show but the actual bar isn't visible.
Does anyone know the solution to this problem please
[no name] 6-May-12 10:03am    
The *thumb* won't appear unless you actually have something to scroll....
Snikoggs 6-May-12 10:05am    
Wow. I actually do have other things on the page though

Only he two ends of the scrollbars show but the actual bar isn't visible
This might be because there is nothing in it to scroll. By default, ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility Property [^] & ScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility Property[^] are 'Auto' and thus they appear when it should be.

If you want that to be visible all the time or let one of them be auto/not visible at all then you can set it explicitly: ScrollBarVisibility Enumeration[^]
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Snikoggs 7-May-12 10:38am    
I grouped all my controls into a Canvas.. I dunno, might it have anything to do with the thumb not appearing?

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