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i am working in sharepoint 2007 and i want to alter a choice column in a list .
first i want to take the user choice from the column and save it in a cookie
then when the user return to the list his choice from the first time will be display in the choice column from the cookie value saved from his first choice.

i applied a java script code to set the cookie and it worked in html page but when i add the code in the master page in sharepoint designer it is not working at all ,the choice column not altered based on the cookie value .

my problem is how to add the code and where in sharepoint designer.
i need your help ,please
thanks and regards
[no name] 16-May-12 8:45am    
It isn't completely clear what you are trying to accomplish. Where do you want this functionality? In a list view? In an item edit form? What is the problem you are trying to solve with this?
Sarah MQ 17-May-12 2:33am    
i want to create a clinic request in a company that would automate the approval of clinic requests.
i created a custom list on SharePoint called clinic Request with the following columns:
employee name – Single line of text
employee no. – Single line of text
Supervisor – choice column
When an employee submits a clinic request by create new list item to fill up the form request, a task needs to be assigned to their supervisor so the request can be approved or rejected.

in the first time he enters and wants to create new item he choose his supervisor from the choice column ,then when he wants to create another request the choice column will show the last choice of the order to prevent any mistakes could happen.
here i used the cookie to save the user first choice then i use the cookie another time to assign the value of the choice column when the employee wants to create a new item list .

i hope i described the scenario clearly
[no name] 17-May-12 8:02am    
Are you using a custom edit form for the list or have you created an application page, webpart?

If you are using profile synchronization and the supervisor information is in AD you could use UserProfileManager class to obtain it, without the need for a choice column.
Sarah MQ 20-May-12 1:27am    
i am not using profile synchronization. i am using sharepoint designer to add java script code in the master page
my problem is in the right way to alter a field in sharepoint list .

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