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dear friends ,
i have this code for drawline over to picturebox and now i want when user click the picturebox then particuler point show as a starpoint(like *,@,.) show as a point.

2. And i want whenever it cross the line then it will give the alert , i am trying bt not work properly.

private void pictureBox1_MouseClick(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)

            pointArray[iNumberofClicks].X = e.X;
            pointArray[iNumberofClicks].Y = e.Y;
            Pen PenSpikes = new Pen(Color.Green);
            SolidBrush solidBrush = new SolidBrush(Color.Blue);

                 a = e.X;
                 b = e.Y;

            if (iNumberofClicks > 1)
                Point[] CurrentpointArray = new Point[iNumberofClicks];

                for (int aa = 0; aa < iNumberofClicks; aa++)
                    CurrentpointArray[aa].X = pointArray[aa].X;
                    CurrentpointArray[aa].Y = pointArray[aa].Y;


               Graphics offScreenDC = Graphics.FromImage(pictureBox1.Image);
                offScreenDC.DrawLines(PenSpikes, CurrentpointArray);
for (int j = 1; j < CurrentpointArray.Length;j++ )
                  if ((Convert.ToInt16(CurrentpointArray[j].X) == a && Convert.ToInt16(CurrentpointArray[j].Y) == b) )
Updated 18-May-12 21:50pm

1 solution

You should start solving this problem from not using PictureBox. It is useful only in some simplest cases and becomes a hassle when you try to do something more advanced.

I explain it in my past answers:
How do I clear a panel from old drawing[^],
draw a rectangle in C#[^],
Append a picture within picturebox[^].

Some more detailed explanations on what to do instead in my past answers:
Drawing Lines between mdi child forms[^],
capture the drawing on a panel[^],
What kind of playful method is Paint? (DataGridViewImageCell.Paint(...))[^].

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Shahin Khorshidnia 20-May-12 2:36am    
Good explanations. (+5)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-May-12 18:51pm    
Thank you, Shahin.
VJ Reddy 21-May-12 12:57pm    
Good answer. 5!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 21-May-12 14:10pm    
Thank you, VJ.

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