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Hi All,

I have a table T1 with columns c1,c2,c3 and T2 with c4,c5,c6.
And I want to search from two tables using c2 and c4 from both tables and I want to bind to Gridview.
And I want to display c1,c2,c4,c5 in Gridview.

Can any one tell me the code to bind to Gridview using 2 tables.
Thank you,
Updated 6-Jun-12 2:25am

you need to merge two table in one,
if you have two table named dtOne and dtTwo this is the code:
dtAll = dtOne.Copy();
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Can any one tell me the code to bind to Gridview using 2 tables.
1. Grid can bind to one table at a time.
2. You need to form a SQL query that fetches the data from the two table
3. Use Foreign Key C1 to combine the two table and get a common result through a single query
4. Use this query result as a data source of your grid.

Now, Try! Post specific issue if you face any.
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jaipal0908 6-Jun-12 7:51am    
Hi sandeep,
Sorry mistake in question post,There is no relationship is existing between two tables .Then can we bind?
Sandeep Mewara 6-Jun-12 9:15am    
You can only bind grid with one datatable. So, you have to get whole data via query together.
AmitGajjar 6-Jun-12 8:24am    
5+ correct.

you can use query something like this.

select T1.c1,T1.c2,T2.c4,T2.c5 from T1,T2 where T1.c1 = T2.c1 and T1.C2='searchString' and T2.c4='searchString';

Also see the Solution 2 given by Sandeep.

is it what you are looking for ?

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