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When i click on the textbox the size of texbox should be increase.. can any one please help on this issue?


Ch.Sukesh Kumar
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Jun-12 11:31am    

you can you jquery focus function , that when mouse move to your textbox and click this method fire!
this link work better than your Idea,when the character length go bigger the size increase![^]
and this is the focus document event on jquery website:[^]
and this is an example of the script you looking for:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    $('textarea.expand').focus(function () {
        $(this).animate({ height: "1000px" }, 500);
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Member 8652316 6-Jun-12 9:30am    
thanks for reply i don't know how to use jquery in textbox click event, Please let me know once..
taha bahraminezhad Jooneghani 6-Jun-12 10:32am    
just set the ID of your text box to the line 1!
and my first link is very complete and have a good step by step!
Member 8652316 6-Jun-12 10:55am    
hmm.. Thank you very much. its working fine

One more request when i click on textbox it should automatically increase the size(height) with out enter any text in textbox.. Is it possible?
Member 8652316 6-Jun-12 11:01am    
I did some javascript but by using this i able to increase width but not height in click event of textbox. please have a look on the code

&<script type="text/javascript">
function Increase_Size()

i called this function in textbox onclick event..
taha bahraminezhad Jooneghani 6-Jun-12 11:34am    
try this:
document.getElementsByName('txtID').width = "100px";
if correct accept my solution!

you can use Javascript to increase size of textbox on click event like,

Your c# code :
TextBox1.Attributes["onclick"] = "clearTextBox(";

Your Javascript Code :
function clearTextBox(textBoxID)
    var someTextBox = document.getElementById("textBoxID");
    var currentWidth =["width"]; 
    //// now you need to increase currentWidth by 1 to and set it again to textbox.

you can do something like above code,

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