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When we want to chang the color of any field of Crystal Report we change the formatting formula of the field
and we do that >>right mouse button on Field>>FormatObject>>Font>>Color and press the formula button
in the Editor we put the code

If {dtStudents.Mark} > 1 Then

and the color of the field will change when the value is > 1

My Question is How we do that programmatically ?
Updated 9-Jun-12 13:16pm
Sandeep Mewara 9-Jun-12 14:52pm    
This is not a well framed question! We cannot work out what you are trying to do/ask from the post. Please elaborate and be specific.
Use the "Improve question" link to edit your question and provide better information.
thatraja 10-Jun-12 4:58am    
Why downvotes? It's a tricky question, Have 5 from me.

1 solution

You could use parameter fields[^].

In report, create a parameter field prmMark.

Change the formula something like as below
If {dtStudents.Mark} > @prmMark Then

Now, from from your code-behind send the value to parameter field prmMark. Sample code from above link.
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ReportDocument cryRpt = new ReportDocument();
    cryRpt.Load("PUT CRYSTAL REPORT PATH HERE\CrystalReport1.rpt");

    ParameterFieldDefinitions crParameterFieldDefinitions ;
    ParameterFieldDefinition crParameterFieldDefinition ;
    ParameterValues crParameterValues = new ParameterValues();
    ParameterDiscreteValue crParameterDiscreteValue = new ParameterDiscreteValue();

    crParameterDiscreteValue.Value = Convert.ToInt32(textBox1.Text);
    crParameterFieldDefinitions = cryRpt.DataDefinition.ParameterFields;
    crParameterFieldDefinition = crParameterFieldDefinitions["prmMark"];
    crParameterValues = crParameterFieldDefinition.CurrentValues;


    crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = cryRpt;

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masalahi 10-Jun-12 17:05pm    
you gust send the value to parameter field
but i want to send all the formula
is that possible?

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