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Hi All,

I am new to 3-Tier architecture.
Can anyone help me where(I mean which layer) to declare and how to declare parameters for sql server stored procedure.
I am using stored procedure to insert values into the table.
Suppose my SP is
create procedure sp_insert
@fname varchar,
@lname varchar
Insert into emp(firstname,lastname) values(@fname,@lname);

Now using web form, I am inserting values into the table.
Here in web form I have two textboxes txtfirstname and txtlastname and a button.
Can anyone tell me the code to be written in each layer mailny variable/parameters declaration.
I went through many articles but getting confusion.

Just I need rough sketch of each layer code to be written for this example.

Thank you,

1 solution

You have already asked a couple questions about 3-tiered architecture and how to accomplish it. Each question has received good answers and tutorials. Each time you ask fairly open-ended questions that are difficult to answer specifically. My suggestion would be to find a good book or video series on how to architect applications. For example, Pluralsight[^] has a great video training library for this type of application development. It isn't free but it is definitely worth it.

I don't want to sound like I'm avoiding your questionm, but in a way I guess I am. The reason is that usually it depends is the best possible answer. For instance, I would say that probably those variables would get put together in the business layer but I have also built them in the User Interface layer and in the data access layer. It all depends on the circumstances, which makes it impossible for me to give you a specific answer.

As to how to call the stored procedure using those parameters, this tutorial will help:[^]
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palcordis 15-Jun-12 10:32am    
Ye I am also having some confusion regarding this same type of query.
If anyone can help its really appreciated.
Tim Corey 15-Jun-12 10:39am    
The link I posted in my answer has a walkthrough on how to execute a stored procedure with parameters. It should answer all of your questions.

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