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I need help writing a regex that will get the value out off the following string...

I need to try to get the number 002 out of this text string. SysParaI is the identifier. For example when I see "SysParaI" I need to grab the number in the following paren (002)?

STRING[261] Directory(\FTP\OSP_003\)
STRING[9] FileName(SysParaI)
STRING[4] FileExtension(002)
Updated 15-Jun-12 10:40am

You can go simple and just

Regex r = new Regex(@"\(.*\)");
var e = r.Matches(s);

e is a collection of matches, and will include the "()"

Will not requer

Regex r = new Regex(@"\((.*)\)");
var e = r.Match(s);

e.Groups will contain all matches, the second item will your result
Manas Bhardwaj 15-Jun-12 20:24pm
Correct +5!
Clifford Nelson 15-Jun-12 22:37pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Jun-12 21:41pm
Clifford Nelson 15-Jun-12 22:37pm
Manas Bhardwaj 21-Jun-12 3:16am
correct +5
I think the matching with prefix and suffix options of Regex can be used to extract only the required value from the parentheses as shown below:
string text = @"STRING[261] Directory(\FTP\OSP_003\)\nSTRING[9] FileName(SysParaI)\nSTRING[4] FileExtension(002)";
Match match = Regex.Match(text, @"(?<=\(SysParaI\)[^)(]*\()\d+(?=\))",
if (match.Success)
	Console.WriteLine (match.Value);

It can be tested here[^]

The above pattern does not match if there are spaces around 002 and/or SysParaI like ( SysParaI ) ( 002 ).

To match in such case the following pattern can be used.
Manas Bhardwaj 15-Jun-12 20:24pm
Correct +5!
VJ Reddy 15-Jun-12 20:32pm
Thank you, Manas :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Jun-12 21:41pm
Yes, a 5.
VJ Reddy 15-Jun-12 22:38pm
Thank you, SA :)
very good!
VJ Reddy 16-Jun-12 4:06am
Thank you, taha :)
Maciej Los 20-Jun-12 10:23am
Good answer, my 5!
VJ Reddy 20-Jun-12 12:19pm
Thank you, losmac :)
Sandeep Mewara 21-Jun-12 16:46pm
Correct 5!
VJ Reddy 21-Jun-12 19:42pm
Thank you, Sandeep :)
Espen Harlinn 23-Jun-12 4:07am
VJ Reddy 23-Jun-12 8:09am
Thank you, Espen :)
If this is a single string, I would think "SysParaI\).*?\((\d+)\)" should work, if you set RegexOptions.Multiline (see more about that here[^])

If each line is it's own string, check the previous one for the presence of SysParaI then use "\((\d+)\)
Member 9014541 15-Jun-12 16:59pm
No... its a single long string from a flat txt file and there is only one SysPara in the whole file so this should work... THANKS!!!!

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