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how can i use visual studio on mobile phone using android os?
lewax00 18-Jun-12 10:39am    
Do you mean use Visual Studio itself on your phone, or use Visual Studio to create an app for your phone?
mrmarzban 18-Jun-12 10:43am    
use visual studio itself on my phone.
or at least use visual c# on my phone.

1 solution

You can't. Visual Studio is
A) a Windows application, and Android is Linux based, they can't run each other's programs
B) even if they could, your Android phone most likely has an ARM processor, but Visual Studio is compiled for x86 processors (which is what all Windows runs on, except for an upcoming ARM version of Windows 8), it can't run on that hardware
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mrmarzban 18-Jun-12 11:00am    
so there is no way to program with c# on android ?
lewax00 18-Jun-12 11:03am    
Not that I'm aware of. A program called AIDE exists which allows you to make Android applications in Java on Android, but short of a text editor I don't think there's a way to do C# on Android (even if you could, you'd have to use Mono instead of .Net, and that may not have all the features of the real .Net framework).
mrmarzban 18-Jun-12 11:08am    
i only use c#, no database, no .net, no web, i just use c# language and visual controls(like button or label). only the things that you first see when you choose "visual c#" then "windowsformapplication" .
you mean these are possible on android?
lewax00 18-Jun-12 11:25am    
If you use C# you use .Net (that's where all the classes like Button and Label come from). I think Mono supports WinForms, but I have no idea how it would function on Android. The closest I could come up with is "C# To Go" here:
But I don't think this is quite what you're looking for (it doesn't look like you can write applications, just a REPL).

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